Consequences of DUI Convictions

Did you know that a DUI conviction can drastically affect your lifestyle? In the short term, DUI convictions can result in court fines, license suspension, and potential jail time. However, DUI convictions can also affect your life and future in other ways. Learn more about the consequences of DUI convictions. Consequences Related to Your Job Did you know that being convicted of a DUI could potentially cost you your job? Think about it. Read More 

Defense For Assault

Even if you are a peace-loving person, you could find yourself involved in an altercation that leads to an assault charge. You do not have to randomly attack someone to face this legal challenge. Simple assault is a common charge and one that can be levied for a number of reasons. If you are arrested for simple assault, you need to understand what that means and how to defend yourself from the charge. Read More 

4 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Being charged with a crime can be very stressful. You might be worried about your future and how this charge will affect your finances. One of the most important parts of having a good outcome from the process is to hire the right criminal defense lawyer. Before you hire an attorney you should ask them some questions. Here are some things you need to know about hiring a criminal attorney. Read More 

What Is A Mayor’s Court And What Can You Do About It?

In certain Ohio cities, if you have been accused of a minor crime or misdemeanor, you may be able to go to a mayor's court to handle the situation instead of having to appear before a judge in a trial setting.  Mayor's Court A mayor's court is usually presided over by a magistrate instead of a judge. The magistrate is appointed by the mayor, not elected by the citizens of that town. Read More 

Three Tips For Preventing Someone From Drinking And Driving

The average drunk driver has driven drunk about 80 times before ever being arrested, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. With so many chances for someone to intervene and stop the person from drinking and driving, it is important to identify the best way to prevent drunk driving. Whether you have a family member who had a few too many drinks or a friend who just got caught up in the party, stopping someone from drinking and driving can be difficult but not impossible. Read More