Consequences of DUI Convictions

Did you know that a DUI conviction can drastically affect your lifestyle? In the short term, DUI convictions can result in court fines, license suspension, and potential jail time. However, DUI convictions can also affect your life and future in other ways. Learn more about the consequences of DUI convictions.

Consequences Related to Your Job

Did you know that being convicted of a DUI could potentially cost you your job? Think about it. If you're convicted and required to serve time in jail, you'll end up missing quite a bit of work. Even if your sentence only includes probation, you'll need to report to your probation officer on a regular basis. This could also result in your missing work. Chances are, if your DUI conviction causes increased work absences, your employer won't be happy. In fact, this could end up costing you your job. While a DUI conviction can cost anyone his or her job, those who have a job that requires them to drive should really be worried. If driving is a job requirement, there's a good chance that a DUI conviction is grounds for immediate termination. If it isn't, you could still lose your job if your license becomes suspended.

Consequences Pertaining to Future Employment

If your DUI is considered a felony offense, working for any company that doesn't hire people with felony records isn't an option. However, you don't have to have a felony DUI conviction for a DUI to show up during a criminal-background check. Misdemeanor offenses can show up too. Unfortunately, this could affect your chances of securing future employment if your potential employer does a complete criminal-background check. Additionally, you aren't likely to qualify for any job that requires you to drive.

Even if having a DUI conviction doesn't immediately disqualify you for a specific job, it can still affect your chances of securing future employment. A company may be willing to hire you with a misdemeanor offense, but chances are, if there's another applicant in the running that has a clean criminal record, the available job would be offered to him or her first.

Other Consequences

If you're convicted of a DUI, be prepared to pay higher car-insurance premiums in the future. Also, depending on the court ruling, you might be required to carry an SR-22 bond in addition to your regular car insurance. Some companies add SR-22 bonds to car-insurance policies as an extension of the current policy for an additional fee.

If you have a felony DUI conviction, your life could be affected in several different ways. People with felony records may have trouble obtaining a passport and can be denied entry to some countries. Additionally, felony convictions can affect your ability to purchase a firearm. Also, in some states convicted felons are denied the right to vote. However, in many cases, your right to vote can be restored once you've served any required jail time or completed your probation—as long as the DUI is your first felony conviction.

Getting behind the wheel of a car after you've been drinking is never a good idea. But many people don't realize just how much a DUI conviction can affect their life. If you're arrested for a DUI, you should consider contacting a criminal-defense attorney as soon as possible.