Appealing Your Conviction Due To Ineffective Counsel

It is very common to have a different attorney during your appeal than you had during your original trial. It's also very common for the current attorney to point to failings on the part of the first attorney to try to vacate your conviction. Understand what this means for you and your future. What is ineffective assistance of counsel? Attorneys are human and prone to error, just like the everybody else. Read More 

Criminal Charges For Using Illegal Substances While Pregnant

If you use illegal drugs and become pregnant, there are some things you should know about the possible legal consequences of continuing to use during this time. In many states, pregnant women are increasingly being prosecuted for their substance abuse and addiction. This has become a subject of controversy that may take a long time to resolve. The Enforcement of Drug Laws Against Pregnant Women Chemical endangerment laws in several states came about because of people exposing their children to the dangers of home meth labs. Read More 

Three Ways That You Can Legally Address and Fix the Negative Impact of DUIs on Your Employment Opportunities

DUIs negatively affect all aspects of your life, but having a couple of DUIs on your criminal record where any prospective employer can see them is even worse. Since most employers now require a criminal background check for just about any job offered, you could be in a world of hurt trying to secure gainful employment. While some employers might be forgiving enough to give you a chance, the jobs you really want might be out of your reach for the next several years' worth of clean living. Read More 

Four Important Things To Know About Self Defense And Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with battery, assault, manslaughter, or murder, but your actions were to defend yourself or someone else, you will probably be claiming self defense as your defense at trial. Here are 4 things you should know about this type of defense. 1. Self defense may mean more work for you and your attorney. In a trial, you are presumed innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so much of the defense would be primarily concerned with poking holes in the prosecution's case. Read More 

5 Things You Should Know About How Criminal Charges Are Brought

If you are likely to be charged with a crime, there are five things you should know about how the process. This is especially true if the crime is a serious one. 1. The prosecutor will use one of two ways to bring charges. If the charge is not very serious the prosecutor may choose to file an accusatory pleading in a preliminary court hearing but in more serious cases they will use a grand jury to decide whether an indictment (formal written statement of charges) should be brought against you. Read More