Three Tips For Preventing Someone From Drinking And Driving

The average drunk driver has driven drunk about 80 times before ever being arrested, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. With so many chances for someone to intervene and stop the person from drinking and driving, it is important to identify the best way to prevent drunk driving. Whether you have a family member who had a few too many drinks or a friend who just got caught up in the party, stopping someone from drinking and driving can be difficult but not impossible. Every 90 seconds, a person is injured due to a drunk driver. To help keep you and others safe from drunk driving, you can stop someone who has had too many drinks from driving using these four tips. 

Provide an Alternative Form of Transportation

When a person is ready to leave and they have been drinking, sometimes they do not have an alternate mode of transportation. Because of this, they may feel that the only way to get home is if they drive. By providing them another way to get home, you could stop them from getting behind the wheel of a car. Whether this means calling a taxi, finding a friend to take them home, or driving them home yourself, you can feel confident they will get home safely. It is always a good idea to plan transportation for those who have been drinking beforehand. If you are throwing a party, make sure each person that RSVPs has a ride home. This will help everyone prepare so no one has to worry about getting home if they choose to drink. 

Enlist Others for Help

When trying to convince someone not to drive after they have been drinking, it can be very difficult doing so on your own. By enlisting others to help you persuade the person not to drive, it is much harder for them to say no to several people than just one. Make sure you are not too confrontational and you explain that it is out of love. When someone feels confronted, they may become more aggressive and more apt to defend their actions. This could backfire if you do not go into it with the right tact. 

Remember They Are Impaired

When someone has been drinking, their thought process is much different than if they had not been drinking. When you are trying to convince them not to drink and drive, you want to speak with them in a clear and slow manner so that they can understand what you are saying. Be sure to fully explain what you are trying to do without being too aggressive. 

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