4 Reasons Why Drinking And Driving Is Such A Big Deal

If you are someone who likes to go out and have a few drinks from time to time, you might have gotten behind the wheel after drinking on more than one occasion. You probably know that it's something that people talk about, but you might not really think that drinking and driving is as big of a deal as others say. However, drinking and driving truly is a big deal for these reasons. Read More 

What To Know About Public Defenders And DUI

When you are arrested and accused of a DUI charge, you will need legal representation. The right to be represented is in the Constitution for a major reason – those accused must be offered a fair chance to defend themselves using the professional advice of an attorney. If you qualify, you might be offered an opportunity to be represented by a public defender. Read on to learn more about this facet of criminal law and see how this issue could affect your DUI case. Read More 

When Your Teenager Is Being Charged As An Adult: Why Hiring A Criminal Attorney Is Important

When young teens commit a crime and are charged in juvenile court, they will get legal representation from an attorney that practices juvenile court law. While this same attorney has the knowledge to defend your teen if they are being charged as an adult, this does not mean that they have any experience with the adult criminal court system. Defending a juvenile who has committed a crime in juvenile court vs. Read More 

Consequences of DUI Convictions

Did you know that a DUI conviction can drastically affect your lifestyle? In the short term, DUI convictions can result in court fines, license suspension, and potential jail time. However, DUI convictions can also affect your life and future in other ways. Learn more about the consequences of DUI convictions. Consequences Related to Your Job Did you know that being convicted of a DUI could potentially cost you your job? Think about it. Read More 

Defense For Assault

Even if you are a peace-loving person, you could find yourself involved in an altercation that leads to an assault charge. You do not have to randomly attack someone to face this legal challenge. Simple assault is a common charge and one that can be levied for a number of reasons. If you are arrested for simple assault, you need to understand what that means and how to defend yourself from the charge. Read More