5 Things You Should Know About How Criminal Charges Are Brought

If you are likely to be charged with a crime, there are five things you should know about how the process. This is especially true if the crime is a serious one. 1. The prosecutor will use one of two ways to bring charges. If the charge is not very serious the prosecutor may choose to file an accusatory pleading in a preliminary court hearing but in more serious cases they will use a grand jury to decide whether an indictment (formal written statement of charges) should be brought against you. Read More 

4 Ways To Create Reasonable Doubt In A Criminal Trial

When you are on trial for a crime, you are presumed innocent on the outset. For you to be convicted, a prosecutor must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They don't have to prove their case against you 100% but they should come pretty close.  Your attorney's job is to create doubt that you did the deed, or that your intention was to commit a crime. There are four ways to accomplish this. Read More 

Three Ways In Which A DUI Conviction May Endanger Your Work

Many people know that getting convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) can jeopardize their chances of getting jobs. This is because some states allow employers to scrutinize conviction records during applications. However, you may not know that a DUI conviction can also affect your existing job. Here are three ways in which this may happen: Punishment for Missing Work The most obvious way in which a DUI arrest and conviction can affect your work is if you have to miss work due to the legal process associated with your charges. Read More 

Arrested For Petty Theft? 3 Defenses Against The Charges

If you've been arrested and charged with petty theft, you need to speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Just because you've been charged with the crime, it doesn't mean you're guilty. An experienced defense attorney may be able to help you avoid being convicted of the charges. Here are three common defenses for petty theft. Lack of Intent While in the store, you picked up an item to look at. Read More 

A Few Defenses A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Use Against Sexual Assault Charges

When the police show up at your door and want to question you concerning a sexual assault, it is important that you hire a criminal defense lawyer before you say anything. It does not matter if you are innocent or not. The complexity of these charges make it easy for you to say something that might seem innocent to you, but cause you to be charged, arrested, and incarcerated. A criminal defense lawyer understands the defenses available for these charges, but needs to speak with you alone to get the whole story. Read More